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I Journeyed With Yongseo – II ♥

I become a fan of CNBLUE right after this show (We Got Married). Downloaded songs, watched all video clips, interviews and all videos and articles related to them.

Honestly speaking I was never a fan of SNSD but I really admire Hyoyeon’s dancing skills. It was only her that I knew..

As the journey of Yongseo Couple continue, I got to know Seohyun.

She was so honest about her lacking of experience and I admire her for that. Really she’s beautiful inside and out.

Right from the start, Yongseo was unlike any other couples I’d seen. It was really beyond awkward watching them and the progress of their relationship was so frustrating for me.

Watching them is like not watching couples getting married. It’s like watching two strangers who were forced to meet each other and fall in love with each other.

Yong was doing everything to make her laugh but it seems she was unresponsive at first. I was thinking that maybe because she’s new to this kind of things and seems like  “THIS IS JUST A SHOW” for them.

But then.. as the episodes continued. I realized maybe he truly has feelings for her. The fact that he noticed the little things she did and how he found them meaningful made me realize,  “Wait! this isn’t just a show on his part anymore.”

When the birthday episode came along. I was stunned. I was like “Who else can give her a goguma land? Who the hell can think the way he thinks?” The way he presented his gifts amused me.

Then, the love light event after.. I was like “I dreamed of this. finally!” When Seohyun sang the song Love Light  with matching Hyun Senorita mask and a mini guitar just like the gag man did. I was shocked like Yong does. (hahaha) I was like “Why does she wear that mask?!” and then sweet moments happened. She gave the first book of “Hyun and Yong’s Story” with the rings on it. Who would ever forget the LOVE LIGHT CONFESSION? “I wrote the lyrics while thinking of you”. My heart really flutters. I giggled like crazy. I was overjoyed.

And isn’t it funny to have a husband who’s always jealous to the guys around you? I couldn’t forget Yonghwa’s expressions when Seohyun mentions about Jungmo Oppa or Jinwoon Oppa or when Minhyuk and Jungshin taught her how to play the bass and the drums. His jealousy just showed how interested is he to her and how he truly treats her as his wife. Isn’t he the Greedy Man? 🙂

When they really got comfortable with each other, what I felt was pure happiness. It’s nice seeing the both of them smiling at each other, not being awkward with each other and they even make jokes with each other. How she got comfortable with Yonghwa is so natural.

The progress of them being a married couple is not fast unlike other couple does. It took some time to develop their relationship.

When the show ended I felt like that their story was unfinished and couldn’t just end that way. Right after then, I started looking for any proof that they continued a real life relationship, articles, youtube, anything related to them.


I was really convinced that the looks they gave each other, the black room interview confessions, how they fought, how they felt, those shy moments between them are really true. Jinja!~

To those who believe that everything was scripted, do you people trying to say that Yonghwa, Seohyun and Yong’s mom are good actor and actresses? ‘Cause if yes, kindly give them the awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting actress though. This is the best love story I have ever seen that I can’t compare to other OTP’S.

They both shared precious memories together and I do believe this Yongseo Journey will continue..