KDrama : A Little Love Never Hurts

Title: 사랑해서 남주나 / Saranghaeseo Namjoona
Also known as: Will You Love and Give It Away? / Give Love Away / Love Doesn’t Go Away
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-28 to 2014-??
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:55
A heartwarming family drama centering on a couple’s remarriage in the twilight years of their lives, forcing two families of grown adult children to become one big family. This drama will describe how those grown-up children will re-act and deal with this new situation and their eventual acceptance of each other as a new family. It also depicts how young couple growing up with the turbulent romance.

KDrama : I’ll Teach You Love / 사랑을 가르쳐 드립니다

Title: 사랑을 가르쳐 드립니다 / Sarangeul Gareuchyeo Deurimnida
Genre: Romance, comedy
Format: Best Theater
Episodes: 1
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast date: 2010-Oct-10
Air time: Sunday 23:35
A comic romance mission featuring Kwon Tae Joon, the company’s top dating consultant, whose comfortable life as a cold and unattached playboy with a cynical view of love is thrown into chaos when he is irresitibly drawn to his first female client, Lee Jin Yi, while matching her with her prospective target, Choi Chul Woo.

KDrama : Unemployed Romance



A story about an aspiring writer who lives off of unemployment checks while chasing her dream. She reunites with her first love Jong Dae who is a temporary employee at unemployment benefits