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My Thoughts : Monstar 몬스타


Country : South-Korea
Episodes : drama in 12 episodes
Genre: music, school, romance

Synopsis: Yoon Seol Chan is Korean idol from band Man in Black. His cynical and hot tempered personality has gotten him too much negative publicity, which makes his agency to send him back to high school to improve his social skills. To the same school arrives Min Se Yi – unusual girl who has lived last 5 years in New Zealand. Through unwanted trouble they end up with 5 classmates in a mess where they must start their own band to save their reputation.


I wouldn’t exactly say that Monstar has an original plot. The plot revolves around a group of students at a high school. They all have different backgrounds, but they have two major things in common: they enjoy music and also have distressing background stories. The set up is very similar to other high school themed dramas, such as God of Study, Dream High, and School 2013.

One of the unique features of Monstar is the musical type format. I loved the music,  the different story lines and how music was going to bring these seven kids together. Monstar is a teen drama, which really caught my attention. I love the high school type dramas with romance! Now getting into the plot, Se-Yi is a transfer student who encounters Seol-Chan while he was filming in her new school.

The drama, while not the best of the bunch right now, was definitely gripping in its own way. However, the main critique I would point is how short it was. I would have loved it to have at least been 16 episodes. The characters are just so-so. It wasn’t fantastic and wasn’t horrible either.



True indeed. Fan girls usually writes stories about their idols.

Just like this, shipping things. HAHAHAHA


The scary fan girls cornering the manager after first seducing him into a photoshoot.

“Even though we were shaken by the power of time, people haven’t forgotten that deep within us love lives in hiding tenaciously.”

— Seon woo

“The world never cheers on you forever.”


 “Love comes. Love came into our lives and became a longing. Even though we were shaken by the power of time, people haven’t forgotten that deep within us, love lives in hiding. Whether when we were children or in adolescence or last year, the name which pierced the deepest part of our existence… was love.”

— 몬스타

“Don’t make me cry, I don’t want to be the main character of a sad movie. Don’t make me cry, I don’t want to be remembered as a sad song”

— Colorbar

“If you keep running away, it’ll become a habit.”

                                                        — Min Se Yi

“Families look alike because they laugh together and cry together.”

                                                       — Min Se Yi

“How good is it to make a girl laugh a hundred times when she always goes to the one who makes her cry?”

                                                                                                                                                  — Kim Nana

“The world is filled with people with scars.”

                                    — Yoon Seol Chan


My Thoughts : Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo



 “The probability of getting hit by a shooting star is ten-billionth, 
meeting you is more of a miracle than that.”

At a high school entrance ceremony, high school student Aihara Kotoko, who isn’t that smart, notices pretty boy Irie Naoki. She falls in love with him immediately. Kotoko initially doesn’t express her feelings to him, but finally has a chance to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, Naoki turns Kotoko down, saying “I don’t like dumb women.”

One day, Kotoko’s house is severely damaged by an earthquake. Until the house is rebuilt, Kotoko Aihara and her father decide to live with her father’s friend. When Kotoko moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Irie Naoki lives there as well.


itakiss poster

I finished watching Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo, a Japanese Drama (love story). I aslo watched the Taiwanese and Korean Version of this.  I believe that the Taiwanese vesion is closest to the real story line (manga).  I don’t want to compare the two but I did enjoy this version a bit more.  With only 16 episodes the drama was fast paced.


At first I don’t want to continue watching this, because I really hate both actors. I find them over acting, but then I decided to continue. Uh okay.. Swallowing my words now.I liked Naoki as the main lead. He did a good job at being cold to Kotoko. Furukawa played Naoki’s role too well I must say. I had absolutely no idea on what was going on in his head. His expression less face is perfect. HAHAHA

The girl playing Kotoko needs to stop the overacting. The exaggerated facial expressions.  She’s pretty, but she has none of the natural screen presence of someone like Ishihara Satomi.



The chemistry of Kotoko and Naoki was palpable. Who would’ve thought that 16-year-old Honoka Miki and 25-year-old Furukawa Yuki will be able to pull it off so well.

I also like Kin-Chan and Kotoko’s friendship despite that I was kinda annoyed and heart broken that he didn’t get the girl.

But overall, it was a great Japanese Drama to get back into, I had forgotten how romantic their shows were.

itakiss original


The original Aihara Kotoko (Sato Aiko) and the original Irie Naoki (Kashiwabara Takashi) made a special cameo in this drama.


“This is not something that you need to think of. Just like falling in love with someone… When you fall in love with someone you don’t need to think about why. You just know it. Like, ‘Oh, I love this person.’ It’s the same. You don’t need to think about anything difficult. You get excited and enjoy being with him. You want to stay together forever. It’s like that. You just realize that you’ve been doing it all along.”
-Kin Chan
Don’t treat us like idiots just because we’re stupid.
-Aihara Kotoko
 “The probability of getting hit by a shooting star is ten-billionth, 
meeting you is more of a miracle than that.”

My Thoughts : A Werewolf Boy 늑대소년

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Kim Suni, an elderly woman in her sixties living in the US, receives a phone call about the sale of her old family home back in South Korea. Returning to her homeland, she’s met by granddaughter Eun-joo, and they drive to the house in the country and stay the night. Suni recalls how 47 years ago when she was a teenage girl in 1965, she moved from Seoul along with her widowed mother and sister Sun-ja to a remote valley to undergo a period of convalescence after suffering problems with her lungs. The Kims lived in genteel poverty at the mercy of their arrogant and foppish landlord, Ji-tae, son of the business partner of Suni’s late father. Because of her delicate health, the beautiful yet introverted Suni lives an isolated life in the country home, without any friends her age.

One night, Suni glimpses a shadow in the outhouse; the next day, she discovers a feral boy of about 19 crouching in their yard. The boy’s body temperature is 46 degrees Celsius, his blood type unidentifiable, and he can neither read nor speak. Even though he behaves like a wild beast, Suni’s kindhearted mother adopts him and names him Chul-soo, assuming he’s one of more than 60,000 children orphaned in the Korean War.

At first Suni considers him a nuisance, but eventually has fun taming him according to a dog-training manual. She teaches him how to wait patiently before a meal, how to wear clothes, how to speak, how to write and other human behavior so that he could one day live like a normal man. Chul-soo demonstrates unswerving loyalty and superhuman brawn, thus inspiring the envy of Ji-tae, who lusts after Suni.

As Suni attempts to “civilize” the beast, the two eventually become very close. Suni opens her heart to Chul-soo, and he in turn falls in love with her, the only person to ever show him affection. But their relationship is fraught with difficulties, as Ji-tae begins to cause trouble. Feeling threatened, Chul-soo lets loose his bestial instincts, and in their fear the town villagers turn on him. In order to save the life of the boy who risked his to be by her side, Suni leaves him with a promise: “Wait for me. I’ll come back for you.”



NOTE : This is a no Twilight movie guys. Oh please!

A 2012 movie I have been anticipating since I first heard about finally became available with English subtitles – and it did not let me down. I am talking about the Korean movie A Werewolf Boy (늑대소년 ), which is not an action fantasy as one may be lead to believe, nor is it a horror movie, but rather a melodramatic romance centering around a feral boy and a girl without hopes.

First of all I found the acting to be extraordinary, Joong Ki blows you away with his acting of a wolf boy. He really nailed it! He does it so well that he makes it hard for you to recognize him. He does not really have any lines maybe just a 3-5 sentences as i remember, so he must have put it all in his acting and body language. His eyes speaks louder than I thought.

Park Bo Young as well, great acting. Her chemistry with Cheol Soo is somehow so deep. I can really feel why Suni gradually falls into Cheol Soo and vice versa. She is pretty too with her braided hair. Moreover, sunlight is everywhere in this movie. She is even brighter with the sunlight and the gold prairie. Her emotion also comes out sincerely.

This was probably the most heartbreaking ending, amazing movie ever. To point out that the character of him has few words to say and yet he really makes me like this. I cried a river, just like Han river and yes i’m still wiping my tears away whenever i remember the ending and when joongki said ‘kajima’ ‘don’t go’. I feel like crying again. OMG!

The ending was heartbreaking but if you watch the movie it is understandable (to me). I cried a lot and my my office mates saw me and said im crazy. Okay, I admit.

Pic Spam : Maybe a Spoiler




What made this movie so believable were the two main actors. Song Joong-gi solidified himself as an actor in this movie not through his pretty boy looks but the acting in his movements and eye expression. He made his character believable; the change in Cheol-su’s behavior was so subtle and smooth but it was noticeable. Park Bo-young’s misty eyes, young face, and small frame helped her character.



It’s a strength that Song Joong-ki is able to portray these emotional beats without uttering a word—Chul-soo can understand Korean, but he can’t seem to speak any of it.





He saved them. His strength is amaaazziiiinnnng. lol




This part is hilarious!!











Suni : Go away you fool! If you come with me, they’ll kill you.




Chul-soo : kajima..


*This part, when he speak those words my tears kept flowing*



Waiting for someone, somewhere may be the hardest thing ever.


Back then, she told him to wait for her. After years passed by..


I really wanted you guys to go and see this movie.

*I’ve watched this film as soon as it is released online. Why not rush, its Song Joong Ki.  LOL*

Its worth it.

Though words aren’t spoken, their actions really speaks louder.