131022 SM Onew x FNC Juniel


131022 Yunha’s Starry Night Yunha:

This is info from Onew’s 8 year close dongsaeng (little sis/bro), “When Onew gets drunk, he is/does ***”.
Jonghyun: “He becomes a dog”?
Y: Hey.. kk Guess who gave this info?
JH & Taemin: Isn’t it our member if 8 years?
Y: Guess who?
Onew: “When Onew gets drunk, he falls asleep”?
Y: “When Onew gets drunk, he is carried on someone’s back. Onew oppa likes drinking. He drinks western drink (whiskey or wine?) voluntarily.
He doesn’t look weak at alcohol, but he does faint. When people first see that, they are surprised. Actually he’s sleeping. So, he is carried on friend’s or manager’s back to go back home.”
JH& TM: He has a little sis who has been close for 8 years?!
ON: I know, she’s Juniel!
JH & TM: For 8 years.. (surprised) Juniel…?
Y: Yes, I heared they entered same music academy at same period.
ON: Yes.
JH: Why didn’t I know that you have been close to Juniel for 8 years?!
ON: I told that once though?
JH: Ah, really? Sorry ~



131022 Yunha’s Starry Night

Y: We’ve got another comment from Juniel. “I like SHINee. I want to sing together. Especially I’m a fan of Jonghyun. I want to get (sing) his own composed song. I want to give him my own composed song, too.”

JH: Oh, yes please. Let’s give and take songs with texting each other kk

KR to JP trans by @lee_sm

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