Title track “Everybody” is a tune that anyone can hum along to. The song blends easy melodies and funky rhythms, and can be classified under the “Complextro” genre.

The dance choreography of “Everybody” is the work of the world-class choreographer, Tony Testa, and participation of SM Performance Director (Hwang Sang Hoon), raising the maturity of the work.Tong Testa has also done the dance choregraphy of ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Dream Girl’.



SHINee’s ‘EVERYBODY’ teaser and I’m pretty much freaking out all day, oh I mean since yersterday because this is SHINee, my babies that I’ve been adorning.

Offical Tracklist.

01. Everybody
02. 상사병 (Lovesick)
03. 빗 속 뉴욕 (Rainy New York)
04. 1분만 (Just One Minute)
05. Destination
06. 닫아줘 (Close It)
07. Colorful 






gif credits to the owner.

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  1. October 10th, 2013

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