KDrama : Master’s Sun

E01 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/TgB4d
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/TgB6t
Subs:   http://adf.ly/TgBJW

E02 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/TgBEO
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/TgBHI
Subs: http://adf.ly/TgBQ4

E03 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/U7l1J
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/U7kvz
Subs: http://adf.ly/U7jcR

E04 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/U7ka7
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/U7k4I
Subs: http://adf.ly/U7jHy

E05 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/Uirb7
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/UirYt
Subs: http://adf.ly/UirQM

E06 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/UirXP
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/Uircd
Subs:  http://adf.ly/UirV2

E07 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VPHBD
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VPH6w
Subs:   http://adf.ly/VPHVh

E08 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VPGyM
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VPGtY
Subs:  http://adf.ly/VPHPt

E09 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VPGnO
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VPGZp
Subs:  http://adf.ly/VPHLr

E10 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VPGUy
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VOqBE
Subs:  http://adf.ly/VPHFo

E11 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VeITM
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VeIQP
Subs:  http://adf.ly/VeIGo

E12 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VeINe
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VeIW6
Subs: http://adf.ly/VeIKB

E13 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WF6kH

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/WFXXS

Subs: http://adf.ly/WF6cT

E14 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WQ7Us

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/WQ7hU

Subs: http://adf.ly/WQ8gW

E15 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WS3Em

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/WS67D

Subs: http://adf.ly/WUI5I

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