KDrama : Good Doctor

E01 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/TgKxB
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/TgKzJ
Subs:   http://adf.ly/TgKsl

E02Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/TgL0X
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/TgL2B
Subs: http://adf.ly/TgKug

E03 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/U1c6U
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/U1c8d
Subs:   http://adf.ly/U1bso

E04 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/U1cAs
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/U1c10
Subs: http://adf.ly/U1bp8

E05 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/UVI42
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/UVI5d
Subs:   http://adf.ly/UVHlP

E06 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/UVI7t
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/UVI9O
Subs: http://adf.ly/UVHjF

E07 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/Uikeo
(XviD) –  http://adf.ly/Uikhv
Subs:   http://adf.ly/UikL3

E08 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/Uikk2
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/UikaO
Subs: http://adf.ly/UikN3

E09 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VeAW7
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VeAa4
Subs:   http://adf.ly/Ve9zW

E10 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VeAbq
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VeAd3
Subs:  http://adf.ly/VeA24

E11 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VeAeM
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VeAgU
Subs:   http://adf.ly/VeA6i

E12 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/VeAiN
(XviD) – http://adf.ly/VeAUG
Subs: http://adf.ly/Ve9xG

E13 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WFiMR

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/WFiYz

Subs: http://adf.ly/WFiDM


E14 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WFior

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/WFiIe

Subs: http://adf.ly/WFi7p


E15 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WVjRg

(450p) – http://adf.ly/WVjLJ

Subs: http://adf.ly/WVjff


E16 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/WVjYP

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/WVjcM

Subs: http://adf.ly/WVjiu


E17 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/Wo8Zq

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/Wo8Ru

Subs: http://adf.ly/Wo98d


E18 Torrents: (720p) – http://adf.ly/Wo8fX

(XviD) – http://adf.ly/Wo8cT

Subs: http://adf.ly/Wo9BB


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