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My Thoughts : Monstar 몬스타


Country : South-Korea
Episodes : drama in 12 episodes
Genre: music, school, romance

Synopsis: Yoon Seol Chan is Korean idol from band Man in Black. His cynical and hot tempered personality has gotten him too much negative publicity, which makes his agency to send him back to high school to improve his social skills. To the same school arrives Min Se Yi – unusual girl who has lived last 5 years in New Zealand. Through unwanted trouble they end up with 5 classmates in a mess where they must start their own band to save their reputation.


I wouldn’t exactly say that Monstar has an original plot. The plot revolves around a group of students at a high school. They all have different backgrounds, but they have two major things in common: they enjoy music and also have distressing background stories. The set up is very similar to other high school themed dramas, such as God of Study, Dream High, and School 2013.

One of the unique features of Monstar is the musical type format. I loved the music,  the different story lines and how music was going to bring these seven kids together. Monstar is a teen drama, which really caught my attention. I love the high school type dramas with romance! Now getting into the plot, Se-Yi is a transfer student who encounters Seol-Chan while he was filming in her new school.

The drama, while not the best of the bunch right now, was definitely gripping in its own way. However, the main critique I would point is how short it was. I would have loved it to have at least been 16 episodes. The characters are just so-so. It wasn’t fantastic and wasn’t horrible either.



True indeed. Fan girls usually writes stories about their idols.

Just like this, shipping things. HAHAHAHA


The scary fan girls cornering the manager after first seducing him into a photoshoot.

“Even though we were shaken by the power of time, people haven’t forgotten that deep within us love lives in hiding tenaciously.”

— Seon woo

“The world never cheers on you forever.”


 “Love comes. Love came into our lives and became a longing. Even though we were shaken by the power of time, people haven’t forgotten that deep within us, love lives in hiding. Whether when we were children or in adolescence or last year, the name which pierced the deepest part of our existence… was love.”

— 몬스타

“Don’t make me cry, I don’t want to be the main character of a sad movie. Don’t make me cry, I don’t want to be remembered as a sad song”

— Colorbar

“If you keep running away, it’ll become a habit.”

                                                        — Min Se Yi

“Families look alike because they laugh together and cry together.”

                                                       — Min Se Yi

“How good is it to make a girl laugh a hundred times when she always goes to the one who makes her cry?”

                                                                                                                                                  — Kim Nana

“The world is filled with people with scars.”

                                    — Yoon Seol Chan

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