I Journeyed With YongSeo – I

Its been years already since our YongSeo couple met and I’m just starting to write about this. kkk

If you are a fan of CNBLUE and SNSD, I bet you know the show ‘We Got Married’. Where leader Jung YongHwa and maknae Seo JooHyun are paired.

Prior to this show, honestly I never knew about Seohyun or any other members of SNSD and I was not a kpop fan before but I am fond of watching Korean Japanese dramas/movies and reality shows. I’ve watched both YAB and Heartstrings, but sad to say (for some fans) that it didn’t hit me like YongSeo does. I did’nt see any spark from them (PSH and JYH) unlike what I’ve experienced during We Got Married.

I’ve watched all seasons of “We Got Married” and from my own feelings and from what i saw. Yongseo is different from others.

k3 - Copy



Watching them made me felt different emotions. I giggled, I cried, I laughed and loved.

I journeyed with them as they portray the story of “FIRST LOVE”.

I remember how Seohyun asked what’s the difference between ‘Love and Like’.

I was really shocked. She doesn’t know what is what. She’s really innocent and was way more reserved than I’d expected. 4D, health freak, go by the rules maknae with her quirky personality. OM!

And Yong totally surprised me. I did not expect him to be as cheerful, playful, friendly, caring and sweet namja. The Shin Woo image (as portrayed in You’re Beautiful) has probably etched in my mind that it came as a total surprise to see him so outspoken and lively.

This couple reminded me of how and what first love is. From their first meeting that was full of awkwardness. The progress of their relationship from friendship-would be couple to married one.

They shared a lot of first time together and have made so many meaningful memories even though it just a small event just like a real couple does.

Both of them are so pure and innocent. With simple love, a lot of care, less skin ships but full of sweetness.



They gave me goosebumps even from the simple staring glances.

From Yong’s cheesy lines to Seo to their epic holding hands..

I find myself watching them all over again from the first episode until the last episode after they ended their virtual marriage with 51 episode.

In other words.. I AM STUCK.

Like everyone does, surely we wont forget them.

Yongseo Everlasting!♥


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